About Walvis Bay

Walvisbay, the home of Anjo Estate Agency
Anjo Estate Agency is office based in Walvis Bay, Namibia due to the vast opportunities that’s arising from the effect of new capital intensive projects amounting to billions Namibian Dollars causing an “old” harbour town to evolve into a multi-facet industrial “hub” for Namibia. The Walvis Bay Corridor Group, Namport, the local Municipality and Government are jointly the main driving force of these endeavours with the port facility that has been extended for usage by other landlocked countries of southern Africa and thus becoming a logistical hub for import/export at a much higher level than Namibia by itself. Current projects such are a new container terminal, port 2 (north port), upgrading of the Airport terminal and runway have been and besides this infrastructure there are other aspects of future oil refineries & new noxious industrial area (behind the dune belt), new railway lines, extended/upgraded road arteries, etc. gathering momentum. As a consequence, and complimentary hereto are the following new developments are also taking shape in Walvis Bay; Dunes Mall, Lifestyle Centre, Waterfront, Hotels, etc. Obviously one can conclude that all these economic activities also result in the attraction of a larger workforce and more businesses that called for responsive action by the Municipality which, as early as mid-2014, introduced their strategic town planning which briefly includes; Towards 2030 – “plan, establish and service an estimated 90 new residential townships, providing some 30,000 erven, and constructing or facilitating the construction of over 40,000 houses, flats and townhouses” and also noted in that presentation – “In the next 16 years, Walvis Bay must develop more housing, schools, clinics, community facilities, commercial and industrial opportunities, etc. than it has done since its establishment as a settlement over a hundred years ago”. To this end, the population is expected during this period to grow from 79,500 (2012 census) to 181,722 by 2030 (i.e. more than double). Walvis Bay is now dubbed as the “modern regional capital and the primary industrial city of Namibia”. To this end, those who consider a property investment, being it residential, commercial or industrial, should take cognizance hereof and soonest contact Anjo Estate Agency to render further professional assistance.
Further to the excitement and vibrancy in Walvis Bay and coastline properties, we have extended coverage to include the entire Namibia with listings in the complete spectrum of Guest Houses (and alike, B&B’s, etc.), Residential-, Commercial- and Industrial Properties, Small Holdings, and Farms. By virtue of our professional services, some clients (local & abroad) took initiative and requested we have their properties in South Africa listed by us e.g. Midrand, Cape Town, Strand, Knysna, Noord Oewer, etc.